Lower Sixth: Hwk

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Prepare for class tomorrow by thinking through q.5 on page 209 and the question on p.210.

Lower Sixth: HWK

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Please read about the impact of Amritsar and the growth of nationalism on pages 183 to the end of the chapter.

Your first essay is due on Wednesday 11 October

How accurate is it to say that the impact of the First World War was the main reason for the growth of nationalism in India in the years 1914–19?

Lower Sixth: Source Questions

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OK, so you know I said you would definitely get your essays back (on Monday)…..well, click below More

Lower Sixth: Amritsar Source Question

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India practice source question b

Lower Sixth: Homework Question

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Remember, you don’t need to write the questions (yet!), just think it through and come prepared to discuss it tomorrow.

Practice 8 mark q WWI

Lower Sixth

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By way of apology for being so tardy with the upload, I give you these radio programmes instead of some reading. Don’t worry about details, they are both about the East India Company and therefore are still background. We will get into the Raj next week.

In Our Time the East India Company

History Association – The EIC

Y12: Reagan Sources for Tomorrow

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The sources that were here are WRONG!

Remember, I want you to spot the interpretation, find the evidence and argument the historians use to support the interpretation, examine the reasons the interpretations differ and think about evidence to support and challenge the interpretations. Finally, think about how you might approach answering the question.

(Also, don’t forget pages 125 & 126)

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