Detailed Civil Rights Movement Timeline

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Y12 revision schedule 2018

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Click below to see the schedule for the revision sessions


10th India Food Day: 18/12/17

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As discussed, please produce 1 dish each (a ‘dish’ can be rice or bread as long as it is regional, interesting (no plain boiled rice unless it specifically goes with a dish) and as authentic as possible). Each “team” should produce  a main and a starter or a desert (i.e. not 2 the same). Please post a comment here saying what you will be cooking so that we can all get excited.


You must also create information sheets which tell the rest of us about the dishes you have prepared.


Here are the Groups and the assignments

North West (Punjab/Pakistan): Elizabeth & Adrianna

North East (Bengal/Bangladesh): Bella & Katerina

South (including Sri Lanka): Manuel & Ioanna

Anywhere else: Maria & Alex

Anglo India: Mr Courts


Lower Sixth: Hwk

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Prepare for class tomorrow by thinking through q.5 on page 209 and the question on p.210.

Lower Sixth: HWK

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Please read about the impact of Amritsar and the growth of nationalism on pages 183 to the end of the chapter.

Your first essay is due on Wednesday 11 October

How accurate is it to say that the impact of the First World War was the main reason for the growth of nationalism in India in the years 1914–19?

Lower Sixth: Source Questions

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OK, so you know I said you would definitely get your essays back (on Monday)…..well, click below More

Lower Sixth: Amritsar Source Question

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India practice source question b

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