Lower Sixth

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By way of apology for being so tardy with the upload, I give you these radio programmes instead of some reading. Don’t worry about details, they are both about the East India Company and therefore are still background. We will get into the Raj next week.

In Our Time the East India Company

History Association – The EIC

Y12: Reagan Sources for Tomorrow

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The sources that were here are WRONG!

Remember, I want you to spot the interpretation, find the evidence and argument the historians use to support the interpretation, examine the reasons the interpretations differ and think about evidence to support and challenge the interpretations. Finally, think about how you might approach answering the question.

(Also, don’t forget pages 125 & 126)

Year 12: Reading

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Make sure you have read up to page 51 by tomorrow.

LVI: Work for tomorrow

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In order to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson, go to the unit 1 page (click above) and watch the Crash Course History videos on the Depression and the New Deal, read pages 19-21 (again) and do questions 1 & 3 on the first set of Knowledge Check questions on page 21

No School on Tuesday

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LVI – I would like you to set aside an hour to do this essay and 8 mark source question since we wont be having the test tomorrow (end-of-india-unit-test)

UVI – You have an extension on your coursework, there is no need to email it to me đŸ™‚



Lower Sixth: Independent Study

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Since none of you gave me anything today, I will assume you are going to email me your portfolio proof or bring it to me tomorrow. I have received one email.


I will tell you your grades for this on the 10th of Jan.

Lower Sixth: Holiday Fun

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  1. Prepare for a timed essay on one of the three questions we examined in detail today. There will also be a 12 mark source  question from the same period.
  2. Read unit 1.1 in the book (up to page 35) and take a look at the resources on the unit 1 page  – focus on the 1920s onwards)



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