Lower Sixth: Introductory Reading

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Please read this and take notes for us to have a look at tomorrow


Don’t worry if you find it hard, give it a go and we will talk tomorrow.

Happy Birthday India

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And good luck for you results this week!!!



How the East India Company became a weapon to challenge UK’s colonial past

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How the East India Company became a weapon to challenge UK’s colonial past


A Level Revision Thread

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Comment here if you have A Level questions.

AS Level Revision Thread


comment here is you have AS Level questions.

Unit 3 advice

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Just want to clarify here, in writing that both sections B and C (the breadth and depth study) essays can cross the themes. That means you could get a question asking you to compare the British reaction to the revolt in Canada and America, or India and Canada, or something that covers trade and the navy. 

Vocabulary for history essays

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