Love him or loathe him, there is no doubt that Billy Graham influenced American politics.

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Billy Graham, famed Christian evangelist, dies aged 99

Lower Sixth

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Bull Conner video

Podcast about the photograph

Lower Sixth: Essay

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Since many of you weren’t here today, this is the essay title that is due on the 9th of Jan.

“How far do you agree that the most important reason the Republicans lost the 1932 election was Hoover’s policy decisions since 1929?”

You will find lots of information in the shared folder in the America section – the section 1 revision sheet is particularly useful as is the transcript for the Great Courses (lectures 64 & 65 I think). You will also find a link to the Washington Post’s programmes on the Presidents in the America section of the blogroll.


I hope you have a relatively restful break

Nearly ready for Indian food day.

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The Anglo-Indian contribution is a nice and spicy Chicken Tikka Masala. What else should I be looking forward to?

Lower Sixth: Peergrade

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Please go to the following URL and sign up using the class code  WXKU4A

There will be an assignment there for you to upload your source answer

Lower Sixth: work for today

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Take a look in the shared folder at the India section 2 sheets. I want you to do the notes/questions on Gandhi becoming leader and the 1920-22 campaign. Stop when you get to the essay plan.

Lower Sixth: Introductory Reading

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Please read this and take notes for us to have a look at tomorrow


Don’t worry if you find it hard, give it a go and we will talk tomorrow.

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