Coursework checklist 2018


You will be asked to write a 3000-4000 word essay which will assess THREE different interpretations about an historical question. The question will always be:


Historians have disagreed about…………………………..What is your view about……………………………………….…?


Here are your deadlines;

Your Coursework Proposal Form is due by 30 September (This form must be approved by me before this date. You may fill it in by hand or electronically, but this deadline is non-negotionable)

Your first draft should be written by 10 January  

FINAL DRAFT due 24 February

Here is the link to the online database for the Athens College-Psychico College library

You can access the resource record Sheet here (either print off a copy and fill it in by hand, or you can share a document with me so that I can add comments to it). Here is a sample of a partially completed record sheet

Here is an extremely useful website where you can generate references  for your essays and learn more about how to use in text citations.

I am willing to give you a free choice of topics, but if you are considering doing something that is not one of the following topics, you must get the topic approved by 6 September which is the first Tuesday of term (just send me an email, no need to fill out the proposal form yet)

You will find examples and advice about the coursework here.


Partition of Africa Materials

Aldred J —British Imperial and Foreign Policy, 1846-1980 (Heinemann, 2003)
Chamberlain M E — The Scramble for Africa (Pearson Education Ltd, 1999) T
Ferguson N — Empire, How Britain Made the Modern World (Allen Lane 2003)
Judd D — Empire: The British Imperial Experience, from 1765 to the Present (Fontana, 1997)
Kennedy D — Britain at the Height of Empire, 1880-1945 (Longman, 2002)
McDonough F — The British Empire, 1815-1914 (Hodder Murray, 1994)
Pakenham T — The Scramble for Africa (W&N, 1991)
Porter A (editor)— The Oxford History of the British Empire: the Nineteenth Century (Oxford, 1999)
Porter B — The Lion’s Share: Short History of British Imperialism, 1850-1995, Third Edition, (Longman, 1996)
Scott-Baumann M — Years of Expansion, Britain, 1815–1914, Second Edition (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002)
Smith S — British Imperialism 1750–1970 (Cambridge, 1998)


Guiding Principles of British Foreign policy in 19th Century

Conclusions on the Scramble for Africa This is a vital read. Chamberlain looks at the whole period and tries to see whether there are any common threads or whether the British interests in each part of Africa have to be looked at separately.

An Introduction to the British Empire (Chapter on Africa)  This is a very simple outline of the main events/issues

The Partition of Africa Chapter 3 from Frank McDonough’s excellent The British Empire 1815-1914

The Partition of Africa Chapter 4 in Aldred, the textbook that most of you have got in hard copy.

3 Men on the Spot A brief summary of the roles of Goldie, Peters & Mackinnon.

British foreign and imperial policy 1865-1919 Ch 3. New Imperialism An excellent summary of the factors and historiography.

McDonough Boer War

British foreign and imperial policy 1865-1919 Ch 4. BOER WAR

A New Age of Empire Saul Dubow’s article in the Sussex alumni magazine in which he draws parallels between Britain in Africa at the turn of the 20th century and America in the Middle East at the turn of the 21st century (sorry, it is sideways!)

Chapter from The Rise and Fall of the British Empire Lawrence James’ chapter on East and West Africa

Empire, Politics and Popular Culture Chapter from McDonough

Imperial expansion and National Foreboding (part 1) Excellent contextualisation of the stuff about popular culture, plus an interesting look at gender and empire

Imperial expansion and National Foreboding (Part 2) Part 2…obviously

How Long Before the Sunset Article from History Review (a magazine written for A level students) about attitudes to war and Empire 1870-1914.

The Boer War and British Society Another article from History Review

These videos are from the  Historical Association. They are a couple of minutes each and provide an excellent summary of the issues.

Notes on Egypt & the Sudan

Ferguson Maxim Force Part 1 p.221-243

Notes on West Africa

Notes on East Africa

Extracts from the Berlin Conference

Excellent set of links to sites about the empire

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