Unit 3 advice

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Just want to clarify here, in writing that both sections B and C (the breadth and depth study) essays can cross the themes. That means you could get a question asking you to compare the British reaction to the revolt in Canada and America, or India and Canada, or something that covers trade and the navy. 

Vocabulary for history essays

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Take a look at @russeltarr’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/russeltarr/status/848500897411981313?s=09

Reagan Sources were WRONG!!

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The sources I gave you yesterday were the wrong ones. Please come and see me to get a copy of the correct one so you can do them. I will try to scan them and upload them later today.


Here are the correct sources and question

Reagan Question 2016

Y12: Reagan Sources for Tomorrow

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The sources that were here are WRONG!

Remember, I want you to spot the interpretation, find the evidence and argument the historians use to support the interpretation, examine the reasons the interpretations differ and think about evidence to support and challenge the interpretations. Finally, think about how you might approach answering the question.

(Also, don’t forget pages 125 & 126)

Y13: Weekend HWK

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Now that the coursework no longer hangs over you, you can do some work.

So finish the notes from yesterday and finish reading the first section on India. I want you to do the diagram suggested in q.2 on page 139. I also want you to do a small drawing which is a metaphor for the relationship between the EIC and India in 1833.

In Our Time: The Indian Mutiny

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Coursework advice 1

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As promised, the advice on the coursework.  More

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