Year 13: Coursework times 8 Nov

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1.15 Dimitra

1.25 Katerina

1.35 Allegra

1.45 Andreas

1.55 Bea

2.05 George

2.15 Lucas

2.25 Apo

2.35 Platon (or lesson)

Lower Sixth: Hwk

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Prepare for class tomorrow by thinking through q.5 on page 209 and the question on p.210.

Upper Sixth: Lecture on the American Revolution

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Please watch this before class tomorrow



Lower Sixth: Peergrade

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Please go to the following URL and sign up using the class code  WXKU4A

There will be an assignment there for you to upload your source answer

Lower Sixth: work for today

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Take a look in the shared folder at the India section 2 sheets. I want you to do the notes/questions on Gandhi becoming leader and the 1920-22 campaign. Stop when you get to the essay plan.

Upper Sixth Coursework Tutorials

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So, obviously, if I am going to see all 10 of you, there won’t be time for much of a lesson as well this week. In future, I will see you in alternate weeks (unless you have a specific issue you want to discuss) so we will have time for both tutorials and lesson.

see below for the schedule for tomorrow (which was generated with eth random name picker) More

Lower Sixth: HWK

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Please read about the impact of Amritsar and the growth of nationalism on pages 183 to the end of the chapter.

Your first essay is due on Wednesday 11 October

How accurate is it to say that the impact of the First World War was the main reason for the growth of nationalism in India in the years 1914–19?

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