Y13: Weekend HWK

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Now that the coursework no longer hangs over you, you can do some work.

So finish the notes from yesterday and finish reading the first section on India. I want you to do the diagram suggested in q.2 on page 139. I also want you to do a small drawing which is a metaphor for the relationship between the EIC and India in 1833.

In Our Time: The Indian Mutiny

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Coursework advice 1

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As promised, the advice on the coursework.  More

A long but very interesting read.

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This is absolutely fascinating and very relevant to some of the discussions we have had, especially in Y13. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Child Labour in Victorian Britain

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Interesting insight into 18th and 19th century economic and social history. Good background for Empire.

This is why history is such an important subject.

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This could be in a textbook advising you how to approach sources.

Y13 Ben Franklin Accused the British of not being good at making babies!!

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