Lower Sixth: Source Questions

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OK, so you know I said you would definitely get your essays back (on Monday)…..well, click below More

Lower Sixth: Amritsar Source Question

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India practice source question b

Lower Sixth: Homework Question

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Remember, you don’t need to write the questions (yet!), just think it through and come prepared to discuss it tomorrow.

Practice 8 mark q WWI

Lower Sixth

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By way of apology for being so tardy with the upload, I give you these radio programmes instead of some reading. Don’t worry about details, they are both about the East India Company and therefore are still background. We will get into the Raj next week.

In Our Time the East India Company

History Association – The EIC

Upper Sixth: Coursework Prep

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Introduction to the partition of Africa

The principles behind Britain’s involvement in the Scramble

Chamberlain on the Scramble (bit tougher)


Make sure you have read at least one of these by tomorrow’s lesson (you should have read Chamberlain over the summer!!!)

Lower Sixth: Introductory Reading

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Please read this and take notes for us to have a look at tomorrow


Don’t worry if you find it hard, give it a go and we will talk tomorrow.

Happy Birthday India

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And good luck for you results this week!!!



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