The Great Society….interactive

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This is an amazing resource for looking at legislative reforms in the 1960s

Upper Sixth

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  1. Hwk for Friday: You will be writing a timed essay, so please prepare for the following question: How accurate is the claim that in the years 1763-1914, the British navy was slow to innovate, but quick to imitate? You will be allowed 1/2 a side of A4 notes.

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UVI: Essay Plans for Monday

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I would like an introduction and 4 or 5 topic sentences (with a couple of key facts as bullet points for each paragraph)

  1. To what extent did economic interests govern the expansion of the British Empire during the years 1763-1914?
  2. How far was the adoption of free trade in 1842–46, the key factor in the growth of British global trade in the years 1763–1914?
  3. How far do you agree that the willingness to use force to expand British commerce was a key factor in British commercial success in the years 1763–1914?

Love him or loathe him, there is no doubt that Billy Graham influenced American politics.

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Billy Graham, famed Christian evangelist, dies aged 99

Lower Sixth

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Bull Conner video

Podcast about the photograph

Upper Sixth: Hwk

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Please look at all 3 questions on page 167 for Friday. We have already covered this in our Coursework sessions, but we will go over it again on Friday.

1st Earl Cromer/Evelyn Baring

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This links to the Telegraph article about Cromer/Baring that I mentioned today

Notice the positive reference to the White Man’s Burden!!

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